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The Making of Brooks Chapel Church
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Brooks Chapel Missionary Baptist Church celebrated its 100th year anniversary on September 12, 2004.



The Brooks Chapel Missionary Baptist Church was organized September 28, 1904 with twenty (20) charter members. They were as follows: J. A. Gentry, Sara W. Gentry, Lucinda Gentry, Cleavie Gentry, J. K. Williams, Fannie Williams, J. S. Williams, Alvie Williams, Hardie Woods, Ada Woods, T. S. Woods, Amanda Woods, Belle Woods, J. W. Waldrop, Anna Waldrop, J. E. Waldrop, Jane Waldrop, Henry Waldrop, Eva Waldrop, and Linnie Waldrop.

They came together at Brooks School House with letters from Liberty Baptist Church of Rusk County, Texas and organized themselves into a Church, by adopting a Church Covenant. It was agreed that Brooks Chapel should be the name of the Church. Bro. J. F. McLendon moderated and Bro. J. A. Long acted as clerk. Bro. Long was chosen as pastor.

For almost a century Brooks Chapel Missionary Baptist Church has provided encouragement and spiritual leadership to the families of Brooks Community.

Bro. Long served as pastor until January 1909

In June of 1907 land was given to the Church by Louis B. Belew and wife Mary Belew so that a Church building could be built.

Bro. John Waller was chosen to follow Bro. Long, serving until September, 1912.
Bro. E. E. Jones served from then until February, 1916.
Bro. E. L. Jones was called and served until October, 1922.
Bro. R. B. Berry served a short time--until May, 1923. The resignation of Bro.
left the church without a pastor until September, 1923. Bro. E. E. Jones was called back and served until September, 1925. He declined to accept any longer, and the church was without a pastor for one year.
Bro. H. M. Allen was called first Sunday In October, 1926, and served until September, 1932.
Bro. L. M. Sauls followed Bro. Allen and served until September, 1936.
Bro. Z. E. Wolverton accepted the church and served until his death In February, 1945.
Bro. J. W. Harper served from April, 1943 until September, 1946.
Bro. G. D. Walters supplied for the church until June, 1947.

Bro. T. C. Jones was called and served until August, 1948.
Bro. A. B. Croy was called In 1948 and served one year.
Bro. H. E. Rhodes was called and served from October, 1949 until October, 1952. After leaving the church, he went Into mission work and in 1954 was the State Missionary.
Bro. Hugh Sollis served from November, 1952 until September, 1953.
Bro. C. H. Gwathney served from October, 1953 until September, 1955.
Bro. V. B. Odom was called In October, 1955 and served until September, 1961.
Bro. Calvin Hancock was called In October, 1961 and served until April, 1964.
Bro. Charles B. Clark served from May, 1964 until December, 1965.
Bro. John W. Dyer served from January 19 1966 until
August 18, 1974
Bro. Robert Brock was called on October 13.

Bro. Doug Smith was called on November 20, 1988.

Bro. Ralph Simmons was called on May 20, 1990 and is the present pastor.


Bro. Ralph and Barbara Simmons
The present pastor